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6 Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

Nowadays, various kinds of diseases are spreading around the world.

According to the guidelines, only one thing can be safe from disease. That is your immune system. So today we will tell you 10 ways of how you can strengthen your immune system at home during the lockdown.

1. Full sleep

We all know that sleep is important to our health. We get a good night’s sleep and we feel good the next day.Optimal amount of sleep for most adult is 7 to 8 hour of each night.

2. Vitamin C rich food.

According to some researches, the intake of citrus rich food n drinks strengthens the human immune system. Like Orange & lemon. Vitamin C improve white blood cells which increases our immunity

3. Natural g

Regular intake of green tea, ginger and garlic strengthen the immune system.

Green tea can be taken two to three cup a day.

4. Sunbath

Vitamin D has been considered the best immune booster and we get vitamin D from sunlight in a natural way, so it is very important for us to take sunlight 15 to 20 minutes per day.

5. Nutrition rich Diet.

Breakfast in the morning should be rich in protein and carbohydrates. This increases our metabolism.

We should eat plenty of green vegetables, rice and grains in lunch.

At Evening we should have light snacks or one fruit.

We would like to have dinner before 7:00 o’clock. It should be light like oatmeal, salad or soup.

We should use dry fruits and fruit seeds in our diet. They fill our protein deficiency and improve the immune system.

6. Yoga and exercise

The immune system is a protective shield of any human body that protects him from every disease.

During lock down, most of the people are at home. In this situation cannot go to the gym and outside for walk. So they should stand at one place in the house and do jogging

Do 4 ways of pranayam in guidance of any specialist.

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